The Best Way to Clean Upholstery in Tartu: Textile Cleaner Rental

In Estonia, Seadmerent offers an ideal solution for maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your upholstery with their textile cleaner rental service in Tartu. Regular cleaning of sofas, chairs, corner sofas, poufs, and other fabric-covered furniture is just as important as routine carpet cleaning. Renting a textile cleaner ensures a thorough cleaning, much like renting a carpet cleaner. Let’s explore the reasons why renting a textile cleaner in Tartu is the best choice for cleaning your upholstery.

Improved Air Quality

Every time you sit, lie or move on your upholstered furniture, you unknowingly release dust, dirt, pollution, mold spores, dead skin, and bacteria into your home’s air. If your furniture is filled with dust, allergens, mold spores, or old stains, it can negatively affect your home’s air quality.

Renting a textile cleaner helps remove these contaminants, thereby improving the air quality and making your home healthier. If you want to tekstiilipesuri rent, Seadmerent company offers a wide range of textile cleaning and stain removal machines for rent.

Better Health

Did you know that allergens, dust mites, fleas, mold, and bacteria can accumulate in your upholstered furniture and cause various allergies and illnesses when left untreated? If someone in your family is sensitive to dust or mold, this can be even more harmful. Regular upholstery cleaning significantly reduces the presence of irritating substances, ultimately maintaining the health of your home and family.

Elimination of Odors

The living room sofa or corner sofa is a place where a lot of life happens. You have experienced countless movie nights, eaten quick meals, battled illnesses, and watched hundreds of TV shows. If you have a baby or toddler, the sofa has also served as a changing table and feeding area. For most families, the living room furniture becomes the favorite spot for doing household chores or working from home, and you can be sure that it is also your pet’s favorite place to wait for you to come home.

Obviously, a lot happens on your upholstered furniture and sometimes, the smell lingers. In addition to this, cooking odors can seep into your fabric furniture, contributing to unpleasant smells. Upholstery cleaning helps remove these odors by eliminating their sources.

Enhanced Appearance

Stains on your sofa that you’ve tried to cover with a blanket or pillow can be embarrassing when guests arrive. Dirty and stained upholstery can significantly affect the appearance of your home. Renting a textile cleaner helps remove stains and restore your furniture’s original appearance. This not only makes your home aesthetically pleasing but also extends the life of your furniture.

Regardless of whether these stains are from children or pets, or simply natural wear, no matter how clean your home and carpets are, if your upholstered furniture looks dirty and stained, the whole house feels unclean.

Increased Durability

Did you know that dust and dirt on your upholstered furniture can cause the fabric to fade and wear out? The accumulation of these particles acts like sandpaper, gradually damaging the fabric. Regular upholstery cleaning removes dust and improves the durability of your furniture, ensuring its long-lasting use.


In conclusion, renting a textile cleaner in Tartu is an excellent way to ensure the cleanliness and comfort of your home. Not only does it help remove dirt and stains, but it also improves air quality, protects your health, and extends the life of your furniture. If you want to make your home healthier and more enjoyable, consider renting a textile cleaner.

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